Content Factory, Digigalt offers Content Creation to generate leads and enrich the Marketing Automation strategy.

With nearly 1.4 billion sites running on the web, it is difficult to be visible and therefore to generate leads, especially since Google remains very unclear about how its algorithms work. However, one sure thing emerges from this algorithmic imbroglio.

Google likes content. And to go further, we must add that it likes quality content. And to go even further, we must add that it likes content optimized to facilitate the work of Google bots.

Therefore, the creation of content becomes an essential pillar of your growth, which logically fits in with your inbound marketing strategy.

But attention ! Content writing is not done anyhow at the risk of being penalized by Panda. Dive into the world of content marketing and discover the best practices to follow for a successful content strategy...

Content Writing: An Effective SEO Strategy to Be Visible

You've probably already read a lot of information about strategies for being visible in Google. However, you can't use this information if you don't know all the ins and outs... and often, unfortunately, you've missed out on some of the most important information you need to set up an effective SEO strategy.

In reality, Google's operating mechanism is simple to understand. The search engine reads and analyzes the content on your site. Depending on what it finds in your articles and pages, it will link you to a theme. When this theme is requested by a user, it will suggest your site.

But here's the thing... while a summary presentation of how Google's algorithms work is widely available to everyone, writing relevant content that is so attractive to Google that it puts your text at the top of the list of answers offered to the Internet user is much less so.


How does content writing boost your trafic ?

This is where the content strategy comes into play, and more specifically SEO friendly content, which you will find at all levels in your site, namely :

The content of your website and especially your Home Page, your service presentation pages...
The content of the product sheets: contrary to what one might think, e-commerce sites have everything to gain by optimizing their product sheets and offering long descriptions. They are a double asset, on the one hand in the conversion of visitors and on the other hand in Google's ranking.
articles Here again, if it seems simple, it is important to know that web writing is not invented. It follows strict rules to capture, captivate and capture the visitor while cleverly disseminating well-placed keywords so as not to forget Google.

Why are blog posts a key part of your visibilité ?

Blog posts are the very essence that propels your site into the famous golden triangle of the search engine.

Google likes novelty, traffic-inducing text, comments and interaction.

Blog posts are the perfect medium for this. They comment on each other, share on social networks and increase your notoriety and visibility.

In addition, your blog articles are an opportunity to consolidate the internal mesh of your site and thus offer a better readability to the algorithms.

Increase your visibility with the content: it's mathématique !

You will have understood it, the more articles around your theme on your site, the more Google will come on your site. And the more relevant, meshed and optimized the articles it finds there, the more it will better reference your site. Your visibility increases, your traffic increases and your site generates more leads. It's mathematical. And that's what's at stake for your business and your sustainability.

But once again beware of excès ! The time when it was enough to put badly written texts full of keywords on a site to attract Google's favours is over. As proof, the recently implemented Panda filter that penalizes texts that are too short, over-optimized or badly written. Google is evolving and looking for quality and relevance.

Moreover, Laurent Bourelly's semantic cocoon, the reference technique currently used in site optimization, is based on a large quantity of quality content that is specifically interlinked. 

Converting leads into customers, the job of the inbound marketing strategy

As a reminder, the content strategy aims to produce relevant content for your audience in order to generate leads. This content must also be optimized to meet Google's expectations. This is what we call content writing, SEO strategy.

It is therefore an essential tool in the inbound marketing strategy, which consists of implementing the means to naturally attract prospects to your site almost automatically in order to convert them into customers. Your site thus becomes your personal media.

If the content strategy has generated leads, you will now need to retain them on your site, convert them into leads, then into customers and finally retain them.

Web content writing therefore intervenes at different levels of the conversion funnel, namely :

  1. The writing of white papers that will bring real added value to your visitors to the point that they will want to leave you their contact information.
  2. Newsletter writing: once the contact details of your prospects have been added to your mailing list, you will need to nurture the lead with the creation of a relevant and interesting newsletter.
  3. Writing emails for your marketing automation scenarios: here again, this is not something you can invent, but is the job of the copywriter.

And to go further in your approach to media coverage of your products and services, the content writing department will extend its intervention to press kits and press releases. Thus, beyond web communication, you must also use traditional media that will allow you to reach yet another slice of your target audience.

Be everywhere, but be it with texts from qualité !

How to make your site a real média ?

To pursue your development process through inbound strategy, you will need different support from the written word.

Indeed, video and podcasts are becoming more and more popular on the web. Just look at the advent of YouTube, which nibbles away at more and more audience share every year. The podcast effect is more recent, but is also tending to grow exponentially.

Lack of time means that solutions must be found. Listening to articles instead of reading them saves valuable time. In fact, podcasting is a must in your growth strategy arsenal. It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of these resources to increase your visibility and therefore your traffic. You will have to integrate these tools in addition to your content strategy.

And the best place to do it... is on your website. The trend shows that Google is better at referring videos that are an integral part of a page. Pourquoi ? Simply because it doesn't yet have the ability to recognize good audio or video content. So it will need text and consistent text to reference the video correctly.

The podcast, same punishment for the same reasons.

What's the point of having a content manager in your équipe ?

Directly linked to the content strategy, the content manager is in fact the chief editor of your editorial line. Indeed, it is not easy when you do not know the codes of web editing to recruit competent editors and to give them the guideline of your editorial charter. But beyond that, it allows you to save time and efficiency.

Indeed, the content writing process goes through several phases that the content manager can take care of for you, namely :

  1. The composition of the editorial team: research, testing and recruitment of writers for the project
  2. The definition of the various briefings allowing the editors to write the requested articles
  3. Assignment of texts to the different editors
  4. The setting up of the editorial calendar and the monitoring of deadlines
  5. Quality control of the texts rendered by the editors
  6. The online publishing in your CMS and the optimization of the texts
  7. Insertion of visuals and their optimization
  8. Insertion of links and CTAs
  9. Invoice Verification of Freelance Writers' Invoices

Always in contact with you, the content manager readjusts the content and comes up with ideas for topics to increase your awareness and generate leads.

Why don't we ever use low-cost services?

Made up of a team of freelancers with complementary skills in various fields, Digigalt supports you in your content strategy as well as in the implementation of the mediatization tools necessary for your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Quality is our leitmotiv at Digigalt. This is why we refuse to produce texts by the mile or of poor quality. Content Spinning is banned from our practices.

Our writers are handpicked to ensure they have the editorial and SEO skills required to deliver relevant, optimized and reliable content.

Our content manager can oversee the pool of editors in order to implement your editorial strategy and draw up your editorial calendar in line with your editorial charter.

Your notoriety and growth are our priority.

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